Manatee County voters have been able to receive updates on their mail ballots by visiting our website,  Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Office is pleased to now offer a new service that brings mail ballot updates directly to you, the voter. 

Working with our new service partner BallotTrax, Manatee County voters will know right when your ballot arrives and when your vote was counted by our office. You’ll continue to be able to track the status of your ballot by visiting the Track Your Vote By Mail Ballot on; however, BallotTrax gives voters who sign up for the service with the options to receive SMS text, voice calls, and/or email throughout the Vote-by-Mail process. Voters who sign up for BallotTrax will receive an alert each step of the way from the time a voter's ballot is printed to when it has been counted. 

Signing up is simple and safe. First, visit  There, enter your voter information as it appears on your voter record/request for your Vote by Mail ballot. Select your preferred message method (email, text, and/or voice calls), and note what time works best for messaging. 

Voters whose registration record is protected will not be able to receive updates via BallotTrax; however they are encouraged to click here to sign up for the USPS informed delivery feature.

We at the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Office pride ourselves in our longstanding commitment to conducting safe and secure elections while enhancing voter convenience through various voting options and through technology improvements. That commitment continues with the new BallotTrax service and we hope local voters will agree that this will improve transparency and voter confidence that their mail ballot is tracked more closely than ever before.